mercredi 24 avril 2013

Cyber Security in Morocco..

        Like most countries, Morocco is continuously working on expanding citizen access to the internet and ICT in general in all aspects of life. The liberalization and privatization policy in the telecommunications sector in the last two decades led to reduced telecommunications costs, resulting in a rising number of cyber cafés and access to computers and the Internet, even in small towns. IT markets also are growing fastly.

       Morocco has definitely different or more appropriately less strict Cyber security policies than the US. Recently, however, a lot of attempts have been invested to prepare plans to envisage public awareness campaigns for the general public aimed at increasing confidence in and better use of modern technologies. 

       Morocco is currently in the process of implementing a National Cybersecurity Management System (NCSecMS), which consists of four components: the National Cybersecurity Framework, Maturity Model, Roles & Responsibilities and the Implementation Guide. The Framework includes provisions for awareness raising and child online protection.

        For the time being,  there are far less restrictions to IT use in the country compared to the US. For instance, every user can access there accounts from any cyber cafe by just putting their name and password. Here in the US, it seems quite complicated and sometimes even time-consuming. People can get/ download any music they like for free. Illegally downloaded CDs are sold everywhere in the country even of highly expensive softwares like Microsoft Office. Many people believe that Morocco is one of the best destinations for electronics shopping. 

        Yet, it is because of that looseness, Moroccans do not really trust the internet. Online shopping is almost unexistant.